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If you’re eating potatoes onboard an SAS plane, you’re in esteemed company. The tiny, delicious spuds from Stora Tollby Gård on Gotland have also been enjoyed by Nobel Prize winners and royalty.

Stora Tollby Gård is located on Gotland, the idyllic Swedish island in the Baltic. The island is famous for its many hours of sunshine, which is one of the factors Andreas Wiklund, owner of the farm, credits for the superb flavor of his potatoes. The other is Gotland’s special soil.

“Gotland’s soil is naturally rich in limestone, and we have a lot of sun, which is the engine for everything that grows on earth. If you want a lot of taste, you need a lot of sun,” he says.

Stora Tollby Gård’s potatoes have been served at many prestigious dinners, including the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, and are known for their taste and texture.

“We put a lot of effort into growing small, delicate potatoes that you can eat with the thin skin on. Most of the vitamins and minerals are not under the skin, they are in it. So eating it is good for you,” Wiklund says.

Since introducing the New Nordic food concept last year, SAS has been working closely with several Scandinavian food producers.

“Scandinavia has a high variety of ­regions with their own unique characteristics. Local Scandinavian producers and seasonal Nordic ingredients are always the starting point when we create our menus for SAS travelers,” says Food & Beverage Manager Alexander Lund. 

Located just 20km from Visby, ­Gotland’s main town, Stora Tollby Gård is within easy reach for anyone visiting the island. If you go there by car you’ll be able to see more of the stunning surroundings and fill the trunk with fresh produce from the farm’s shop – potatoes, naturally, but also rhubarb and Jerusalem artichokes, two additional products Wiklund supplies to SAS.

Every month, Wiklund delivers around 1,000kg of potatoes to SAS planes. This summer, they will be served in dishes such as salmon with creamy potato salad, dragon kale, cauliflower and pickled red cabbage.

Right now, he and his team of 10–15 people are busy digging up some of the best produce Swedish nature has to offer – new potatoes.

“In July, passengers will be treated to new potatoes on board.” 

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Last edited: July 13, 2018

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