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A group of specially-invited innovators, developers and designers will join SAS Labs for 24 hours of hacking at SAS’ head office in Stockholm the 19-20th of October.

The teams will conceptualize, create and design prototype interfaces around two themes: “Making time matter” and “Connected flights.” They will then pitch their ideas to a jury of SAS­representatives and travelers. 
“SAS is undergoing a digital transformation journey that aims to support travelers before, during and after their trips with digital tools,” says Massimo Pascotto, head of event sponsor SAS Labs.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve been building a full set of APIs – interfaces that we’ll soon make public – that allow any developer or designer to build experiences for travelers. 

“To kick this off, through our first hackathon, we’re keen to show that we’re fast and agile enough to stage a user-centric design and development process that goes from idea to prototype in just one day. We’re opening the door not only to our office, but to our systems for any bright young talents out there impatient to unleash their creativity.”

The team with the most innovative, creative and executable idea will be flown to San Francisco or another destination within Europe.
“HAX is an exciting project,” says Johanna Gustafsson from event organizer Levrage. “It will be a fun and intense 24 hours and we’ve been working all summer to select the right teams and create an environment for collaboration and fun. We hope that a few of the ideas will be so valuable for SAS travelers that they can go to market directly after the event.”

Last day to enroll is September 21st. Read more and sign up for the event here: hax.sas.se

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